Community Fairs

ISBN: 978-0-9569304-0-8
This manual complements the events-based manuals within the Community Dialogue Manual Series by helping readers to communicate their work or the work of their organisations; it is intended to empower and encourage readers to engage effectively with the mass media.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To encourage community spirit
  2. To encourage different community groups, stakeholders and businesses to come together to work in partnership
  3. To facilitate neighbourly and community interaction
  4. To encourage the opening up of different communities to one another by bringing them together in a relaxed and sociable context
  5. To include those who may not necessarily be interested in intercultural dialogue in an event which brings different groups together for a fun day out
  6. To encourage and support individuals and groups to engage in dialogue
  7. To help community groups and charities successfully raise funds for their own work/for good causes popular among the local community
  8. To provide strategies, tips, advice and know-how for organising a successful event

Who Is This Manual For?

Charities, community groups, faith groups, schools and local authorities looking to:

  • Bring the local community together for an enjoyable day out, promoting community spirit, dialogue, social cohesion and citizenship
  • Raise funds for their work and/or for other good causes