Building Partnerships

ISBN: 978-0-9557349-5-3
This manual is focused on identifying potential partners with whom community groups, charities and others might organise events, whom they might turn to for help, advice and support, and whose projects they might be able to support in turn.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide new ideas for partnership and collaboration
  2. To provide tips, advice and know-how for identifying and contacting potential partners
  3. To encourage the interaction of a range of different cultural, religious, social and professional groups
  4. To encourage the sharing of knowledge, expertise and contacts
  5. To facilitate the mutual support of people working on worthwhile local projects
  6. To facilitate the sharing of venues and materials
  7. To help organisations to find financial support
  8. To help organisations find sources of free or affordable training
  9. To help organisations to build up diverse networks of contacts who will be able to provide help in a range of situations, and whom they may be able to assist in turn
  10. To facilitate the development of partnerships for joint planning and organisation of events

Who Is This Manual For?

  • Community groups, charities and religious groups engaging in intercultural dialogue
  • Community groups, charities and religious groups engaged in different projects in their local communities
  • Stakeholders
  • Small businesses