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MultiCultural Reference Diary

ISBN: 095550175-X
In 2005 the Dialogue Society produced and published an A5 Gregorian-reference diary which incorporates all the religious days and festivities of all the major religions of Europe. It also includes the national holidays of all European countries.

The diary proves short descriptions of all of the religious and festive days (500 days in total) as well as the national holidays. Longer descriptions are also provided for days of particular significance.

The bottom margin of the diary page contains useful information on religious and cultural practice, symbolism and teachings, important personalities who have promoted intercultural/interfaith dialogue and descriptions of monuments and places of worship within Europe.

This diary was prepared to promote and advance intercultural, interfaith and intercommunal dialogue among the various cultures, faiths and communities in Europe, to contribute towards the process of sharing and learning about one another's beliefs, feelings and traditions and to improve interpersonal and intercommunal understanding and trust.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To help people learn about the diverse religions and cultures of Europe
  • To provide dialogue organisations with an effective means of publicising and promoting their organisation, activities and events through the customisation and dissemination of the diary