Noah’s Pudding Celebration in Sheffield

Sat, 06 Dec 2014 13:30 in Community Engagement

Where: 5 Birch Road, Sheffield, S9 3XL
Date: 6th December 2014
Time: 13:30


The basis of annual Dialogue Society grassroots activities, ‘Noah's Pudding’ celebrates the common heritage of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

In the Muslim prophetic tradition, the day Moses (peace be upon him) and his community were saved from the Pharaoh's army, and the day Noah's (peace be upon him) ark was saved from the flood is marked with fasting, and in modern times with the sharing of a special dessert known as ‘Noah's Pudding’.

Every year, thousands of bowls of Noah's pudding are shared by the families of Dialogue Society volunteers with their neighbours and with members of various faith-based organizations in the South of the UK.


Noah’s Pudding Celebration in Sheffield