Alok Sharma MP

  1. Alok Sharma MP
    MP for Reading West

    Alok Sharma is the Conservative MP for Reading West. He was elected in May 2010.

    Alok is very much a local Reading man. He grew up in Earley and Whitley Wood and went to school in Reading. Alok is currently a governor of a local primary school in Reading and a keen supporter of local charities.

    He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the advancement of the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce which, amongst its objectives, supports environmental initiatives which move us towards a zero-waste society. Previously he served as a chairman of the political think tank Bow Group’s economic affairs committee. Alok, a qualified chartered accountant, has a range of work experience from working on a factory production line, being a company auditor, tutoring university students, running a business and advising companies. Alok is married and lives in Reading Borough with his wife and two young daughters.