Dr Stephen Hopgood

  1. Dr Stephen Hopgood
    Senior Lecturer in International Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

    Dr Stephen Hopgood is Senior Lecturer (associate professor) in International Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has been a Fellow in Global Security and Cooperation of the Social Science Research Council (2002-2004), and in 2007 his book Keepers of the Flame: Understanding Amnesty International (Cornell University Press, 2006) was awarded the Best Book in Human Rights by the American Political Science Association. In December 2008 he was awarded a three-year Major Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust to research a project on the politics of embedding universal norms under the title ‘Empire of the International’. His other publications include ‘Saying No to Wal-Mart: Money and Morality in Professional Humanitarianism,’ in Michael Barnett and Thomas G Weiss (eds.) Humanitarianism in Question: Politics, Power, Ethics (Cornell University Press, 2008): 98-123, ‘Moral authority, modernity, and the politics of the sacred,’ European Journal of International Relations, 15 (2), 2009: 229-255, and ‘Reading the small print in global civil society: the inexorable hegemony of the liberal self,’ Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 29 (1), 2000: 1-25.