Dr Ute Kelly

  1. Dr Ute Kelly
    Lecturer in Peace Studies, University of Bradford

    Ute Kelly (formerly Bühler) is interested in the theory and practice of participation, deliberation and dialogue. Within this broad field, she has a particular interest in the potential of participatory/deliberative approaches in situations of conflict, diversity and inequality, and in the roles of both reason and emotion in shaping people´s engagement with each other.

    Apart from her academic publications, Ute has been involved with the Programme for a Peaceful City. As part of this involvement, she wrote a report on the concerns expressed at a discussion forum on the possibility of a ´Diversity Exchange´ for Bradford (2002) and carried out evaluations of the pilot seminar for the new initiative of an Intercultural Leadership School for the Bradford District (May 2002) and of the Bradford-Keighley Youth Parliament’s first year (August 2003). She is hoping to continue to link her research interests with constructive engagement with the challenges faced by practitioners.