Elise Rietveld

  1. Elise Rietveld
    PhD candidate, Cardiff University

    Elise Rietveld is a PhD candidate at Cardiff University. Her thesis title is Re-Constructing Multiculturalism, and her research combines a normative theoretical approach to multiculturalism with empirical research on the development of policy discourses on multiculturalism in the Netherlands and the UK. She was awarded the President’s Research Scholarship. She completed her MA between the years 2008-2009 at the University of Bath Euromasters (Contemporary European Studies). Her Final dissertation was ’The Europeanisation of Integration Policy’, which sets out to investigate the hypothesis of a European influence on recent developments in integration policy in European countries, following a case study approach focused on France and the Netherlands.

    The taught element of the programme was based in three different cities (Bath, Paris, Seattle) and included courses on ’Transatlantic Relations’ and the ’Transformation of Governance in Europe’.