Hakan Gok

  1. Hakan Gok
    PhD research, Durham University

    Hakan Gök is currently undertaking PhD research at Durham University. His PhD thesis is on ‘Philosophy of Religion: Atheism and Theism, Said Nursi’s philosophy and Risale-i Nur’. Hakan Gök graduated from Middle East Technical University in Ankara in 1995 as a science teacher. He taught science at high school level in various countries including the UK. He completed his Masters Degree in Leadership and Management in Education in the UK in 2005. His interest in Said Nursi’s writings led him to studying PhD in Philosophy at Durham University. Hakan is currently living in the UK and working on his book on ’The Arguments for the Existence of God’. His research interests include, but are not restricted to the philosophical and Sociological arguments in the Risale-i Nur; scientific and social aspects of the Qur’an and philosophical questions relating to God-morality-politics and space-time-causality and substance.