Ian G. Williams

  1. Ian G. Williams
    PhD in islamic Studies, University of Derby

    Ian G. Williams (PhD in islamic Studies, University of Derby; after ordination, served in Church of England parish ministry and religious education):

    Senior Lecturer & Subject Leader in Religious Education at the Birmingham City University, Faculty of Education, Birmingham. He has lectured in Religious Studies at the Universities of Chester and Derby, and taught and researched in the Middle East, the USA, and India.

    Current interests: Fethullah Gulen movement in Turkish Islam; sacred violence and martyrdom in contemporary Islam and Sufi movements in the UK.

    Among recent publications: ’Modern Movements in Islam and Zoroastrianism’ in Dictionary of Contemporary Religion in the Western World (IVP: Leicester, 2003); ’In the Aftermath of 9/11. Jihad and Martyrdom in Contemporary Islam’, Sea of FaithJournal (Sept. 2002); ’Sufism in British Islam’ in Contemporary Mysticism (Exeter: Paternoster, 2001); ’Fundamentalist Movements amongst British Muslims’ in Fundamentalisms: Studies in Contemporary Religious Radicalism (Exeter: Paternoster, 200)