Mike Barton

  1. Mike Barton
    Deputy Chief Constable

    Michael Barton was born in Lancashire and attended Lancaster Royal Grammar School. He studied law at Newcastle University and graduated in 1978 with an LL.B. After a couple of years working on the family farm Michael joined the Lancashire Constabulary in 1980. Michael has served in most ranks in both uniform and detective roles. He has also worked in Training, Professional Standards, HQ Operations, Research and Planning, Development and was Divisional Commander at Preston for three years. In 2002 he was promoted as Detective Chief Superintendent in Lancashire and was responsible for pulling together Lancashire’s response in the immediate aftermath of the cockle pickers’ disaster in 2004. He joined Durham Constabulary on 2 June 2008 as Assistant Chief Constable and was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable on 4 September 2009.