Prof Steven Greer

  1. Prof Steven Greer
    Professor in Human Rights Law, University of Bristol

    Steven Greer, Professor of Human Rights at the School of Law, University of Bristol, studied Law at the University of Oxford, and Sociology at the London School of Economics, before obtaining a PhD from the Queen's University of Belfast. In addition to the University of Bristol, he has taught at Queen's Belfast, and at the Universities of Sussex, Hannover, and Wollongong. He is consultant editor (Human Rights) for Amicus Curiae and has acted as consultant to various organisations, including the Council of Europe. His many publications - particularly in the fields of criminal justice, law and terrorism, and human rights - include The European Convention on Human Rights: Achievements, Problems and Prospects (Cambridge University Press, 2006), short-listed with two other titles for the Hart Socio-Legal Book Prize 2008.