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Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:00 in Courses
Date: 13th Feb – 17th Feb 2012


London Visits

Dr Angus Lockyer of the School of Oriental and African Studies took the students on a fascinating tour of East London, from St Catherine’s docks to Hoxton Square. Walking through this highly diverse area, notably including Brick Lane, the group explored how migration had altered London, and discussed the development of the city through a range of socioeconomic changes.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

The students continued work on their community centre dialogue projects. The Rumi Mosque team have set the date of their Knife Crime discussion: Tuesday 6th March.

External Event: ‘Tunisia One Year after the Revolution, Challenges and Opportunities’

Some of the students attended this discussion with His Excellency Mr Hatem Atallah, Tunisian Ambassador in London and Dr Noureddine Miladi, University of Northampton, hosted by Lord Sheikh at the House of Lords.



London Visits

The students visited two historic places of worship: the West London Synagogue, the UK’s first Reform synagogue, and the Wesley Chapel, the Mother Church of Methodism (a Christian denomination which began with the career of John Wesley in the 18th century). In the company of welcoming hosts, the students explored the buildings and the history and faith of those who worship there.



Dialogue’s Apprentice/Dialogue Society Projects

The students continued to work together on their community centre projects, as well as meeting with Media and Communications Director Havva Murat to discuss plans for the Dialogue Society’s new ‘Street Dialogue’ programme. Some of the students will be helping Havva with public interviews on Holloway Road and beyond, engaging a wider audience in dialogue on key social issues.

Dialogue Society Event: Success School 1, with Robert Kelsey, Author of ‘What’s Stopping You?’

Students helped to prepare and run the first of this new series of events for local young people, assisting with catering and helping to welcome and register our guests.



Study Time

Event Photos

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 4