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Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 10:00 in Courses
Date: 5th Mar – 9th Mar 2012


Dialogue School Session 2: Dialogue Facilitation Techniques

Students visited St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace for a highly interactive training workshop with Justine Huxley, Interfaith Projects Coordinator. They explored a range of formats and innovative techniques that can help make group conversations work in different contexts, including situations of tension and conflict.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

The group of four students placed at Rumi Mosque and Dialogue Centre held an extremely successful event in partnership with Centre staff and the local Methodist church. The event was very well attended by a highly diverse group from the local community. Nick de Bois MP, campaigner Hazel Nelson-Williams, PC Karl Morris of the Metropolitan Police and Revd David Butterworth gave very engaging presentations. The event brought the local community together for an inspiring event on a highly important topic of common interest.

Dialogue Society Event: Success School 3, with John Bird MBE, Founder of The Big Issue

The Amity Educational Foundation group of students stayed at the Dialogue Society to assist with a highly engaging and entertaining Success School with John Bird MBE.



Visit from Professor Chris Bailey, Director of the MA at Keele

Students met with Chris to discuss the placement and their academic progress and plans.

Essay Writing Session

Students participated in a short session with Project Coordinator Frances Sleap revising key principles for successful essay writing.

External Event: Chinese New Year Celebrations in Manchester

Some of the students visited Manchester for a festive experience of Chinese culture in the UK, seeing in the Year of the Dragon.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

Students continued work on their remaining projects, in conjunction with their partners in and around the community centres. They also provided support to the Dialogue Society team.



Study Time



External Event: Celebrate Fairtrade

Some of the students joined representatives from 220 London churches as they gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the Diocese of London’s official Fairtrade status and to celebrate the work of the Fairtrade organisation. Speakers included Reverend Canon Michael Hampel of St Paul’s, Adjoa Andoh (Actress and Patron of the Fairtrade Foundation) and Rosemary Kadzitche (Fairtrade peanut grower from Malawi).

Event Photos

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 7