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Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 10:00 in Courses
Date: 12th Mar – 16th Mar 2012


Dialogue School Session 7: Effective Networking and Communication Skills

Dialogue Society Co-Director Ilknur Kahraman led an interactive session giving practical hints and tips for successful networking. The session also provided advice on how to find appropriate networking events to meet supporters and partners, and gave students a chance to practise introducing themselves and their work.

External Event: Book Launch: ‘Talking of Conflict: Christian Reflections in the Context of Israel and Palestine’

Some of the students attended this book launch and discussion at St Margaret’s Church, Lee, organised by The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine. Speakers included Prof Lord Harries of Pentegrath and Dr Shantikumar Hettiarachi, who contributed to the book.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

The students continued to work on their remaining dialogue activities with their assigned community centres, notably preparing for Mothers Day visits to care homes with centre users and volunteers.



London Visits

The students visited the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where there hosts gave presentations on the role and structure of the organisation, counter-terrorism strategies, and the Arab Spring and the UK’s response to developments in that area. Students were able to engage in discussion of these highly interesting topics and enjoyed a tour of the FCO.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

Students continued work on their remaining projects, in conjunction with their partners in and around the community centres. They also provided support to the Dialogue Society team.

Dialogue Society Event: Book Launch, ‘European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives on and From the Gülen Movement’

Students helped with preparation for the launch of a new book edited by Dialogue Society advisor Professor Paul Weller. They attended the event which included reflections from Professor Weller, another of the authors and two further distinguished academics, followed by a wide-ranging Q&A session.



Study Time



Dialogue’s Apprentice: Mothers’ Day Visits

The Amity Educational Foundation Team, working with the new community centre in Redbridge, accompanied families who use the centre on a visit to a local care home, bringing Mothers’ Day flowers for the female residents. Residents very much enjoyed the visit, which also brought together different generations, different cultural groups and different local organisations.

Event Photos

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8 Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 8