By working with us, you will have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to projects that promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Our commitment to building bridges, nurturing friendships, and encouraging open conversations makes Dialogues Society an enriching and collaborative environment to grow your career.

Explore the available opportunities below and embark on a rewarding path where your skills and enthusiasm can make a real difference. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!


Being offered the opportunity to join the Dialogue Society as an intern has been one of the most exciting things in my first year of university. As a Psychology student at UCL, I have always been exploring opportunities to get involved in mental well-being projects that deliver quality psychological services to the needy. By coincidence, I came across Dialogue Society and learnt about their Talking Bubble Project, a telephone befriending programme that supports lonely individuals. As a result, this serendipity has marked the beginning of a 6-month rewarding journey.

Working as an assistant coordinator for the Talking Bubble Project strengthened my organisational skills and administrative skills. My communication and collaboration skills have also been enhanced with a hardworking and encouraging team. In fact, the positive and supportive working atmosphere is one of the major reasons why I immensely enjoyed my time as an intern – everyone has been amiable and is willing to assist whenever I reach out for help.

Although my internship will soon be completed, I feel strongly connected to the Dialogue Society and the Talking Bubble Project. If there is an opportunity to get involved in their projects in the future, I would definitely love to come back again!

So Ching (Martin) – MSci Psychology – UCL, 2022

I am a master student in the MSc Social Policy and Social Research programme in UCL. My internship at the Dialogue Society lasted for six months. During this time, I joined in the ‘women empowerment’ team and participated in the writing of the Dialogue Society’s publication called “A UK Analysis: Empowering Women of Faith in the Community, Public Service, and Media”. I also joined the presentation of the policy paper with other team members in the United Nations’ panel for their annual Commission on the Status of Women.

This is an exciting experience for me, as being a social policy student, I am always looking for opportunities where I can apply what I have learnt in practice. My internship at the Dialogue Society has helped me to do just that. This internship provided me with valuable practical experience to think beyond the textbook to better understand the gap between the ideal setting in research and the actual context in reality. Through this internship, I have not only learnt to better identify and ask questions in my future studies, but also which areas of knowledge and skills to place more emphasis on and further improve. My writing and public speaking skills have also improved during this internship.

Other things I valued most about my internship at Dialogue Society include, but not limited to, the good, supportive working environment and the positive interaction between project team members. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with them and learn from them. I also received a lot of encouragement from them during my internship, which greatly boosted my self-confidence.

Shuying Huang – MSc Social Policy and Social Research – UCL

During summer 2021, I have travelled to the UK from Italy to work at the Dialogue Society as an intern for three months. As a bachelor’s graduate in Foreign Languages and Cultures, I was given the chance to work as a part of the Talking Bubble project, a phone befriending service for the in-need which has more than a hundred volunteers and a hundred beneficiaries. Working on this project filled me with joy, helping others and also managing such large project.

During my internship experience I didn’t only have the possibility to practice my knowledge in this field, but also widen my capabilities. Besides supporting me in fulfilling my daily duties, Dialogue Society helped me also to improve in interdisciplinary areas by challenging my skills. Every member I worked together in the office with, inspired me by their passion and ambitions in reaching not only academic goals but also to contribute to the wellbeing of society by developing different projects. To be a part of this exciting and dynamic group helped me to improve my academic performance, as well as to adopt an altruistic attitude. Thank you for this unique experience dear Dialogue Society members and wish you all the best for the future! I hope everyone who aspires to do good in this world can get the opportunity to work, volunteer, or intern at the Dialogue Society one day!

Sena Eksi

During my time as an intern, I was met with an incredibly friendly and welcoming environment, whilst learning how to coordinate and plan events that the Success School entails. Throughout my time I was able to appreciate and understand how incredible and worthwhile the work for the Success School is. Creating an opportunity for many young adults and learning how we can help these students achieve their potential was eye-opening. I thoroughly  enjoyed my time working at the Dialogue Society and look forward to working or seeing everyone in the future!

Priva Lakkappa – LSE Language Cultura and Society – Dialogue Society Success School Intern, 2022

I was in the first year of my undergraduate degree studying Sociology at UCL and I was actively searching for an internship where I could apply the knowledge I have learned into a role, as well as gaining experience at a non-profit organisation where I could develop upon transferable skills. I had noticed Dialogue Society offered 6-month internships and was immediately intrigued by this charity and its values.

Working for Dialogue Society over the 6 months was an immensely rewarding experience where I had the pleasure of meeting hard-working and supportive team members who made working enjoyable and memorable. In addition to the fact that I was able to take part in new experiences such as organising Dialogue Society’s annual Iftar events. What was great was that I had opportunities to go outside of my comfort zone. For example, I had hosted Dialogue Society’s Iftar event for their Cardiff branch which I believe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These were the experiences that I was seeking as it provided me insight into behind the scenes of working at a non-profit organisation.

Furthermore, many of my other tasks included sending email invitations to the guests of our events, creating abstracts, and regularly updating Dialogue Society’s Social Media Manager with upcoming social media content that were to be posted. Completing these tasks enabled me to develop skills such as delivering at pace and juggling multiple responsibilities. Which is just one example of a skill I know I can apply to other settings including, work, education, and life.

Despite the fact that my internship was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown, I felt very much connected to Dialogue Society and the individuals I worked with. One of the biggest takeaways was the importance of social cohesion and strengthening community bonds, especially during this difficult and unpredictable time we are in. I believe working for Dialogue Society is a worthwhile experience which will give you insight into the diverse and meaningful work which they conduct as well as how socially conscious organisations such as Dialogue Society operate.

Nishat Uddin, Studying Sociology at University College London

I was a marketing intern with the Dialogue Society for 6 weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. By letting you have first-hand experience within the organisation, immediately you feel part of a team making real change.

One of my favourite things about my time here was the range of tasks given, consequently aiding me to develop several skills such as Excel, Canva and Teams – all platforms used within the working world. Although I was working hybrid, the team a Dialogue Society was amazing in terms of being available to help whenever.

Overall, my experience at this organisation was very insightful in combining social values with real work and I would highly recommend this internship to anyone!

Gemma Falade, Marketing Intern 2022, LSE

I joined the Dialogue Society as a scholarship holder of the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci. After completing my undergraduate degree in General History and Human Geography in Switzerland, where I come from, I decided to spend a year in the UK in order to improve my English and gain some professional experience in the think tank/NGO sector. My aim was to work in a dynamic, stimulating and multicultural environment and to eventually put into practice what I had learned so far at university. I found at the Dialogue Society all I was looking for and much more.

My full-time internship lasted for six months, from January to June 2013, and this allowed me to follow several projects of the Dialogue Society from the very beginning of the planning to the delivery and final evaluation phases. I assisted in the project management of the Success School and many other events at the Head Office in London, alongside the branches of Oxford and Southampton. I carried out administrative tasks like answering the phone, writing emails and correspondence, welcoming guests and attending events on behalf of the Dialogue Society; all of which contributed to develop my confidence and improve my language skills.

I also had the incredible and unexpected chance to join the Dialogue School 2013 and learn a great deal about dialogue theory and practice, facilitation skills, networking, public speaking and project management as well as discovering with the MA students in Dialogue Studies fascinating places in London.

What I particularly enjoyed about my internship was the team’s positive and encouraging attitude towards me. My ideas and initiative were appreciated and there was room for me to independently organise my work, knowing that I just needed to ask for support. The atmosphere of the office was extremely friendly and my colleagues made me feel very quickly part of the group. Leaving them to come back to my home country was certainly difficult, but I have now experience, skills and knowledge that will make the difference for my studies and future working life. In general, my internship at the Dialogue Society helped me have a clearer idea about what I would like to be as a professional and, more essentially, as a person. I would like to thank you all once again for the incredible experience I had at the Dialogue Society! I hope to be able to come and visit you soon.

Elisa Conti, 2013

I am a student at Queen Mary, University of London doing a Masters degree in Public Policy. As a part of my course I had a chance to do an internship with the Dialogue Society which was a really great experience.

My internship lasted for four weeks and included a wide range of tasks. I was conducting some Internet research, looking for speakers for various events organised by the Dialogue Society or searching for possible funding opportunities. I was also preparing databases, drafting emails and writing news digests.

This internship was a great opportunity for me to see and experience from the inside how a nonprofit organisation works and learn a lot about the issues that the Dialogue Society deals with (i.a. networking, interfaith dialogue, social cohesion).

The Dialogue Society’s team is extremely passionate and expert at what they do – I was able to observe them and learn from their experience. Moreover, they are a very friendly group which made every day in the office quite amusing.

I think that an internship with the Dialogue Society is a perfect option for someone interested in the issues of multicultural dialogue, integration, community cohesion, to further develop their knowledge and research, organisational and interpersonal skills.

Celina Kretkowska, 2012

I joined the Dialogue Society as an intern after completing my MSt in the Study of Religions at the University of Oxford. The Master’s course had allowed me to learn about religions other than my own (Christianity) and had fed my interest in interfaith and intercultural relations and in initiatives to improve them. An internship at the Dialogue Society offered me the chance to explore and work on just these kinds of initiatives.

I found the internship hugely stimulating and rewarding. The office environment was enormously welcoming and I very quickly felt part of the team, enjoying team lunches and attending office meetings.

My existing skills were quickly identified and I had the chance to put them to good use in projects that I found really exciting, like the drafting of the Community Dialogue Manuals. I helped with drafting and proofreading newsletters and website materials and took minutes at meetings. However, one of the things I really enjoyed about the internship was the variety of experience I gained. I helped with the planning and running of public events, participated in roundtable discussions with ambassadors and attended a briefing with a minister at the FCO. I was even lucky enough to join a fascinating intercultural trip to Turkey.

I learnt a great deal about grassroots dialogue, minority communities in London, charity administration and cross-sector partnerships, Islam, Turkey and the Gulen Movement. I gained experience in writing for different audiences and in events planning and management. I built on existing abilities and also stepped outside my comfort zone. I gained new skills in oral presentation, team work and networking.

Perhaps most importantly, I learnt a lot about compassion, hospitality, vision, faith and friendship from the Dialogue Society team. I am still working with them, having accepted a job at the Dialogue Society at the end of my internship, and I’m still learning.

Frances Sleap, 2010

I finished my degree in Modern Languages in Oxford in 2008, and applied for an internship with the Dialogue Society because of my interest in the complex issues and debates surrounding interfaith relations in London, the UK and abroad. As a Catholic, I also wanted to deepen my understanding of the Muslim faith, partly because of the urgent importance of good relations between Muslim and non-Muslim communities on the world stage.

My internship lasted for two months, during which I was principally responsible for a variety of research tasks and document drafting. This included drafting anything from emails to local institutions to encourage them to support our work, to helping to prepare policy recommendations for the UK government, to a speech for Ozcan, our Director, to present to policemen in Hull about engaging with the Muslim community.

As well as writing and research, I helped plan and prepare for the weekly seminars held on the Dialogue Society premises, which involved everything from publicity to preparing food.

I have learnt a huge amount from this internship – about networking at the local and national level, about some of the strategies for promoting interfaith relations, about Islam and the Fetullah Gulen movement, and about Turkey. The Dialogue Society team includes people of all sorts of professions and backgrounds, which makes work fun and varied. I’d recommend this internship to anyone with enthusiasm for the promotion of community and faith integration and large doses of curiosity.

Daisy Bland, 2008